Here you wile find chic NFTs that embody reality
BAWION is a fictional alternative world where there is a strong connection between man and animal, where any violence against animals is tantamount to violence against humans.
All this is emphasized by the images implemented in each NFT.
Impact on the
real world
We want to make an impact in the real world by supporting organizations that help animals, as well as projects that fight for the environment. If we succeed, then this project will be long and will be able to at least slightly slow down the process of destroying the living part of the planet. Until a more responsible generation grows up (perhaps it will be our children already).

We believe that the digital world is a universe unlimited by physical space and human flaws.
Let's be honest

We are not ardent supporters of the organizations we support because we cannot be sure of their 100% integrity, but we hope that the world is actually a better place. (Yes, we are naive)

Below you can see the improvised pipes through which the air will be delivered to the selected organizations.

Why does everyone think that only kind people want to help animals and the environment?
For investors
We are calm about people who do not need to nourish their own morality, so if you are only interested in your financial condition, then this is also suitable for us.

Every day more than a thousand people work on products that are made with our designs, every month several thousand people buy our products with our designs. This is how we put people to work and we give people the right product at the right time.

The price of each unique NFT in our collection depends only on people's energy, so we link the total contribution of people's energy and the number of products sold to the value of each collection NFT.

By owning a part of BAWION you get a product with accumulated energy and potential.

It seems to us that the most important and important thing is the team's attitude to long-term immersion and work in this project. Only the recognition of our work gives us great motivation to move on.
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